A ring sling, in Sling. It’s International Babywearing Week!


Last week was International Babywearing Week. To celebrate this, my husband, babi bach and I took a trip to the local village of Sling for a photo shoot! Here is babi bach with me in our Girasol Earthy rainbow ring sling. A few years ago I lived in Sling for a while – I didn’t realise at the time what that word would come to mean to me! Even though I had lived there, it was my husband who came up with the idea for our little Sunday afternoon expedition, and he has written a post all about babywearing on his blog Dad’s the way I like it.


Sling has been a word I’ve used a lot over the past few months. I’ve been wearing babi bach since I felt able to after having the C-section; I pop him in a sling for walks, naps or if he’s not feeling well.  It means I can get on with things around the house with both hands free, and we can go all over the place without having to worry about stairs, stiles or any other potential pushchair obstacle. More than that, I just love all the lovely snuggly cuddles we get to have together. Babywearing also means that you smile more; every time that little face looks up and grins, I have to smile back. When we are out and about we get a lot of people smiling and talking to us; everyone loves a cute baby but everyone loves a cute baby in a sling even more!

Conwy carriers organised a Slingathon in Llandudno on Saturday. Now there were a lot of slings! It was a lovely meet up at a local park farm for tea and cake, and walk along the prom in Llandudno. There were groups all over the country getting together during the week with the aim of raising the profile of babywearing in general and also raising awareness of local groups and sling libraries. I don’t think you could miss a group of more than 10 people walking down Llandudno prom, all carrying their children in slings; I did see a couple do a double take as we made our way towards the town centre, commenting ‘did you see those babies?!’.

I’ve found babywearing quite social, I go to my local sling meet in Bangor and have also been to the Conwy carriers sling library. It is really nice to get some help and advice from other people who have tried different baby carriers and slings. It helps to know I am getting advice from someone who is trained so I know I’m doing it safely. It is also great to try before you buy as some carriers and slings can be expensive and its hard to know what will be comfy until you try them. There is a lovely community feel to babywearing groups, all different types of parents can get together to give support and friendship to each other.

So it’s been a very sling filled week for me, an appropriate way to mark International Babywearing Week I think, a Top Sling week!

2013-10-06 15.39.41



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